Easy Tips To Get Your Children Involved In Recycling

Recycling may be the last thing on your child’s mind, but with some creativity, you can get him or her involved in your recycling program without it seeming like a chore. Here’s a few tips on how to get your little ones excited about recycling.

1. Give them creative input. Let your child help decide how to label bins, or put them in charge of sorting garbage out, to help them feel involved and responsible.

2. Get involved with your community. If a local business or school is doing a recycling program, get your child excited about participating. Read more

Beautifying Your Garden Through The Use Of Composting

Why buy dirt at the home improvement store when you can make your own? Gardeners have been doing it for centuries, enriching the soil with all kinds of organic matter. Done properly, your vegetable peelings, apple cores, grass clippings, aged manure and eggshells can become the richest loam you could ever want for your perennial and annual flowerbeds.

You can use a large wooden crate, a plastic laundry basket or any container that has plenty of ventilation. Toss in last year’s raked leaves, and any leavings from the table that aren’t animal-based. Add some year-old horse manure, and Read more

Composting: Five Tips To Get You Started

Designate an area for composting, and start with bare ground. Worms need to move freely through the compost. Cover the area with straw or twigs for drainage and air circulation. Fence it in to discourage pests.

Save organic matter like egg shells, coffee grounds, broccoli stems and corn husks. Don’t save anything sprayed with pesticides like banana peels, and don’t include dairy, oils or meats. Spread the material around the compost area. Smaller pieces decompose faster.

Once the ground is covered with food scraps, cover Read more

Green Energy Saving Tips – Saving Heat and Electricity

No one likes the winder season, but we all dislike it for different reasons. Kids love the winter because they see the potential for snow days but are none too pleased to have to help shovel it all up from the driveway and sidewalk. Parents don’t much care for it either, but it’s mostly because when the winter season approaches that usually means you are faced with a choice: either turn up the heat and electricity and pay through the nose or save on all of that and endure the cold. Now you can get lots of energy saving tips from sites like Saving on Energy, but I have a few tips to help you along the way as well. If you don’t really want to crank up the heat, then consider investing in some newer, heavier drapes. Keeping these drawn will help impede the cold air flowing in through your house. There are also special seals you can buy for your home that are basically little more than sheets of plastic held to the window with adhesive to help seal in all the hot air and seal out all the cold. You can also try a kerosene heater and more layers when moving about the house. I know these steps don’t seem very useful. And sure, they may not seem the most ideal but they can help you save on both heat and energy and, more importantly help you save money and get through the winter without bankrupting yourself and your family in the process.

How Mulch Saves Water In Your Garden

If you are looking to stop wasting so much water on your garden everyday, a great way to do this is to cover the ground with mulch. Mulch chippings are easily found at a local garden or nursery center, and they are chips of wood. The wood is going to retain the water in the ground, and act as a barrier to prevent the water from evaporating into the air. If you are looking to save costs on water, and also to be less wasteful purchasing a bag of mulch is a great way to do Read more

Why You Should Recycle Some Glass To Buy Gas

After researching the “why” of recycling glass, I came across some interesting information. The act of recycling 2 glass bottles saves the equivalent energy of boiling five cups of tea; recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to use a 100 watt light bulb for four hours or power a computer for 25 minutes. Every consumer throws away 331 glass bottles and jars every year. That means nearly 20 billion. If that’s not enough to give us pause about what we’re doing with our trash, consider that recycling glass saves Read more

How Sprinklers Waste Water And Money

Sprinklers can be very wasteful of water and money. A lot of people and business have them on timers. Those timers do not take the weather into consideration and will let them turn on when it is raining. This is one time that they do not need to turn on.

This is a waste of water that everybody is paying for. It is not only for people who are paying for city water but everybody else also. It costs money to run a water pump and every time that the water is running, Read more

How Turning Off The Water Can Save You Money

Water is a precious resource on our planet that isn’t infinite, and to get clean water for drinking and bathing you have to pay for it. There are many different ways that the city charges you for water, depending on how much you use, or how you have the agreement set up with your landlord. To save money on the costs of water you can try doing a few different things. The first is to cut the time Read more