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How Mulch Saves Water In Your Garden

If you are looking to stop wasting so much water on your garden everyday, a great way to do this is to cover the ground with mulch. Mulch chippings are easily found at a local garden or nursery center, and they are chips of wood. The wood is going to retain the water in the ground, and act as a barrier to prevent the water from evaporating into the air. If you are looking to save costs on water, and also to be less wasteful purchasing a bag of mulch is a great way to do Read more

Why You Should Recycle Some Glass To Buy Gas

After researching the “why” of recycling glass, I came across some interesting information. The act of recycling 2 glass bottles saves the equivalent energy of boiling five cups of tea; recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to use a 100 watt light bulb for four hours or power a computer for 25 minutes. Every consumer throws away 331 glass bottles and jars every year. That means nearly 20 billion. If that’s not enough to give us pause about what we’re doing with our trash, consider that recycling glass saves Read more

How Sprinklers Waste Water And Money

Sprinklers can be very wasteful of water and money. A lot of people and business have them on timers. Those timers do not take the weather into consideration and will let them turn on when it is raining. This is one time that they do not need to turn on.

This is a waste of water that everybody is paying for. It is not only for people who are paying for city water but everybody else also. It costs money to run a water pump and every time that the water is running, Read more