Why You Should Recycle Some Glass To Buy Gas

After researching the “why” of recycling glass, I came across some interesting information. The act of recycling 2 glass bottles saves the equivalent energy of boiling five cups of tea; recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to use a 100 watt light bulb for four hours or power a computer for 25 minutes. Every consumer throws away 331 glass bottles and jars every year. That means nearly 20 billion. If that’s not enough to give us pause about what we’re doing with our trash, consider that recycling glass saves natural gas because the cullet (crushed scrap glass) melts faster than raw materials because the furnace does not have to be set as high. Just like in our homes, the lower the thermostat, the lower the fuel consumption. Recycling just one ton of glass saves about 9 gallons of fuel oil which ultimately means that 1/2 ton of raw material is preserved. Resource recovery is the practice that conserves natural resources by removing material, such as glass, from the waste flow, and recycling it into other uses such as the production of energy. In the future, I will think about how much recycling can save consumers at the gas pump.

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