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Green Energy Saving Tips – Saving Heat and Electricity

No one likes the winder season, but we all dislike it for different reasons. Kids love the winter because they see the potential for snow days but are none too pleased to have to help shovel it all up from the driveway and sidewalk. Parents don’t much care for it either, but it’s mostly because when the winter season approaches that usually means you are faced with a choice: either turn up the heat and electricity and pay through the nose or save on all of that and endure the cold. Now you can get lots of energy saving tips from sites like Saving on Energy, but I have a few tips to help you along the way as well. If you don’t really want to crank up the heat, then consider investing in some newer, heavier drapes. Keeping these drawn will help impede the cold air flowing in through your house. There are also special seals you can buy for your home that are basically little more than sheets of plastic held to the window with adhesive to help seal in all the hot air and seal out all the cold. You can also try a kerosene heater and more layers when moving about the house. I know these steps don’t seem very useful. And sure, they may not seem the most ideal but they can help you save on both heat and energy and, more importantly help you save money and get through the winter without bankrupting yourself and your family in the process.